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The Employment Service Agency offers mediation services for employment in the country and abroad.

The Agency offers the employment mediation services free of charge, impartially and under terms and conditions determined by Law on Employment and Insurance in case of Unemployment.

The employers may find workers with the mediation of the Agency by reference to persons seeking job from the records of unemployed persons.

Employment mediation aims to help employers to fill vacancies with skilled workers and to help the unemployed and other job seekers in finding employment.

The employers begin the employment mediation by filing application for required workers in the Employment Center on whose territory the headquarters or place of business of the employer are situated.

The application for required workers should include the conditions required for the job and the manner of filling the vacancy.

Based on the application for required workers by the employer, the Employment Service Agency refers unemployed persons from the records of unemployed persons, and for every required position by the employer the Agency shall refer 1-5 unemployed persons for selection.

When searching for candidates from the records of unemployed persons in order to refer them for interview with the employer, the Employment Service Agency always takes in consideration the conditions required for the position stated in the application for required worker.

If the employer does not make selection from the referred persons, the employer shall inform the Agency of the reasons for the omitted selection, and the Agency shall offer to the employer a worker who will undergo training, retraining or additional training, with the agreement of the employer on the measures to be taken for the provision of the requested worker.