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Employment Service Agency of the Republic of North Macedonia started with implementation of "Youth Guarantee" in 2018, as a pilot activity in 3 employment centers (Skopje, Strumica and Gostivar), and in 2019 it was implemented throughout the country, with special focus in three regions (Polog, Northeast and Southwest), where the largest number of young people belonging to the NEET category.

The Youth Guarantee measure allows young people up to the age of 29, who are not employed or involved in education or training (NEET), to receive a suitable job offer, to continue their education or to be involved in any of the active employment programs and measures, in a period of 4 months after their registration as unemployed persons in the Employment Service Agency.

The Youth Guarantee starts with the measures for activation of young people who are registered for the first time as unemployed persons - active job seekers (inflow). After being registered in the register of unemployed persons, they are immediately referred to their first interview with employees of the Employment Service Agency, who profile their employability, using a control questionnaire and prepare Individual employment plans. These plans define the activities that enable the young unemployed person, in a period of 4 months, to be re-involved in the educational process (not in regular education) or to be involved in any of the active employment measures or services, which will enable to increase his employment opportunities or to be offered suitable employment that suits his education and skills.

Activities include group and individual counseling; providing job search assistance services; motivational trainings; involvement in any of the measures for labor market integration (employment, education and training measures).

In the period 2020-2022, this measure will be supported through the IPA II program "EU for Youth", in 3 regions (Polog, Northeast and Southwest + Resen).

Further information on Youth Guarantee can be obtained in person at the employment service centers as well as on one of the telephone numbers on this LINK