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In order to have access to the services for unemployed persons offered by the Employment Service Agency, one should be entered in the appropriate register in the Employment Center, based on completed and personally signed application form - Application for entry into records.

The unemployed person is entered in the registry of unemployed persons in the Employment Center in his/her place of residence.

The entry into records and the regular appearance of the unemployed person are done in person. Documents required for entry into records:

  • ID Card; and
  • Diploma or certificate of completed education by submitting the original.

The frequency of the regular appearance is:

Every 30 days for:

  • unemployed persons actively seeking job opportunities, by submitting proof of the job search in the previous month and
  • unemployed persons entitled to monetary compensation;

Every 6 months for other jobseekers.

When making appearances in person in the Employment Center, the unemployed person submits the ID card and the appearances control card.

The entry into the registry of unemployed persons is not a condition for exercising the right to health insurance, except for beneficiaries of monetary compensation, while exercising that right. The unemployed persons exercise their right to health insurance through the Health Insurance Fund of North Macedonia.