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The Agency provides counseling on:
• the content of laws and regulations and amendments thereto;
• the rights, obligations and responsibilities of employers and workers, for
• correct application of the regulations and protection of the rights of employers and workers;
• training for employers on how to fill and submit the forms and documents to be submitted to the Agency and the manner of announcement of vacancies and
• the manner of registration and deregistration of employees in the Agency.

The counseling for employers on hiring unemployed persons with favorable conditions includes:
• Services to employers for the opportunities, conditions and manner of providing incentives for employment of:
- Disabled persons,
- Persons whose employment was terminated due to bankruptcy or due to economic, technological, structural or similar changes of the employer,
- Unemployed persons waiting for employment for a longer period, i.e. persons who have been unemployed for 12 months of the previous 16 months, or six of the previous eight months for persons under 25 and persons of deficient occupations,
by reference by the Agency in agreement with the employer;
• Services to employers to satisfy their needs for employment by searching the records of:
- Unemployed disabled persons,
- Persons who lost their jobs due to bankruptcy or economic, technological, structural and other changes of the employer and
- Unemployed persons waiting for employment for a longer period, having training, retraining or additional training for employment;
• Services to employers on the terms and the manner of acquiring benefits when hiring unemployed persons;
• Organizing meetings and discussions by the Agency with employers and unemployed persons (labor fairs) on the terms and
• Informing employers and providing employment services for workers of deficit occupations, by reference of an unemployed person from one to another area unit of the Agency, by organizing training of additional or special knowledge for certain unemployed persons or by training, retraining or additional training of unemployed persons.