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Professional Orientation is assistance provided by the Agency to the unemployed and other job seekers in the choice of occupation or employment through testing and interviews and information on the demand for certain occupations and employment opportunities.

Professional Orientation also includes individual counseling in the choice of occupation according to the wishes, interests and capabilities of individuals for a particular occupation and the needs and opportunities of the labor market. 

Professional Orientation counseling is provided to unemployed people, students, employed and disabled persons, if it is necessary for them to choose their profession and professional development.

For students in their final years of primary and secondary education, the Agency and the competent institutions in the field of education organize counseling about the choice of profession through lectures by experts, visits of exhibitions, film shows, visits of enterprises, institutions and other.

After the individual counseling and testing for selection of occupation based on the individual qualities, knowledge, interests and talents of the student, the Agency shall recommend the most appropriate type of profession.

The activities for professional orientation in employment centers can be divided as follows:

1. Information about the characteristics of the occupations, opportunities for continuing the education in secondary and higher education, needs for certain occupations, employment opportunities;

2. Professional orientation and counseling - counseling based on the survey of professional interests, abilities and other characteristics of the person;

3. Professional selection - selection of candidates for training, retraining or additional training and assistance to employers in the selection of candidates for new jobs.

The professional orientation services are free.