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Deletion from the registry of unemployed persons is carried out if the person:

  • is no longer unemployed,
  • deregisters voluntarily,
  • fails to make appearance within the stipulated term or fails to make appearance at the invitation of the Agency for unjustified reasons,
  • fails to notify the Agency on the acquisition and loss of rights,
  • refuses to get involved in the active employment policy or fails to fulfill the contractual obligations for participation in the active employment policy,
  • refuses appropriate or suitable employment or refuses to attend a job interview or shows no interest to attend a job interview,
  • does not provide accurate data for acquisition of the status of unemployed person or the status of participant in a program of active employment policy,
  • there is a reason temporarily preventing the person to be employed,
  • has been in pre-trial detention for a period of more than six months or if the person begins to serve a prison sentence of six months or more,
  • is caught working against the law by an inspection authority,
  • is not actively searching for a job,
  • refuses to sign an Individual Employment Plan,
  • meets the conditions for retirement,
  • in case of a foreign citizen, has expired personal work permit,
  • begins performing craft, agricultural, livestock or other activity,
  • refuses engagement to perform public works,
  • begins voluntary military service