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An Individual Employment Plan (IEP) prepared by the responsible person in the Employment Center in cooperation with the unemployed person stipulates the employment targets, the plan of activities for employment of the unemployed person, participation in the measures of active employment policies and the location of the employment.

Based on a joint assessment, certain measures and activities are proposed to be taken by the unemployed person in the process of active job seeking and the IEP represents a tool for further individual work with the unemployed person. With this contractual document the person is obliged to actively seek job opportunities according to the planned activities.

It is especially important if the unemployed person experiences the IEP as a personal plan of actions to be taken. Therefore, it is required to be honest in its preparation and to give more information and data, which will assist the employee in the Employment Center to suitably direct the activities for employment of that person.

The IEP is valid for six months from the date of signing, after which it has to be amended.