Through dialogue with the business sector, the government creates policies for increasing employment

Today in Strumica, more than 100 businessmen attended the second informative business meeting "Chance for All". At the regional meeting, besides government representatives and international organizations also attended representatives from the Economic chambers, business associations and other regional business organizations.

The Government continues the practice of open dialogue with the business community in order to create productive and appropriate measures and programs to support the business community that will balance the supply and demand on the labor market and the expectations of employers and the unemployed will be met in a quick and efficient way.

-“In 2019, let's give a chance to all those who have education, and haven’t got a job, to adjust them to the actual situation and activate them in the labor market. Therefore, we are actively working with all the stakeholders and we are already in the final phase of preparation of the new measures from the Operational Plan, in which the emphasis will be placed on retraining, re-education, "said Carovska.

The operational plan for employment for 2018 marks excellent results, and for the year 2019, 1.1 billion MKD is planned, which is twice as high as in 2016.

The Director of the Employment Service Agency Biljana Jovanovska emphasized the importance of cooperation with employers in creating employment policies.

- "The Employment Service Agency is a service that works for citizens. Through the Employment Centers, we communicate with the unemployed persons and employers daily. Today we are here with employers because they are our key partner in creating employment policies, we are here to hear their needs, demands and challenges they face on the labor market in order to meet them ", said the director of the ESARM, Biljana Jovanovska.

Municipalities are already analyzing the education of the unemployed, and local companies are nominating jobs.

The Mayor of Strumica, Kosta Janevski, stressed that Strumica has an ideal cross-border location and therefore the support of businessmen is necessary and even more than needed.

“Strumica is the first municipality in Macedonia that has a Strategy for Local Economic Development for the period 2016-2020 which covers important areas such as economy and investments, agriculture and rural development, environment and energy efficiency, infrastructure and urban planning and labor force development”  said Janevski.

Narine Sahakyan, a Permanent Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), emphasized that UNDP, through its projects with national partners, is focusing on how to fill the shortage of skilled labor force most effectively and efficiently through specially designed measures designed according to the requirements and expectations of employers. Sahakyan also stressed that without the active participation of the business sector, improvement of the general economic climate in the country can not be expected.

The representatives of the Economic Chambers and businessmen welcomed the proposal of the Government. According to them, unemployment and lack of staff must be addressed through combined measures, which require measures to be planned on a long-term basis.