ESA Director Abdush Demiri donated covalent plasma

The Director of the Employment Agency Abdush Demiri today at the Institute of Transfusion Medicine of RNM donated covalent plasma for the treatment of patients infected with Covid 19.

Demiri emphasized the importance of every citizen is to show social responsibility, to help fight the coronavirus and called on all those who are able to donate blood plasma because it saves lives.

"Given the great need for blood plasma, today, I decided to donate covalent plasma to patients infected with Covid 19. I encourage all those who have been cured from this virus, not to hesitate and donate blood plasma so that together to overcome this challenge”. - emphasized the director Demiri.

The blood plasma of a person cured of the Covid 19 virus has antibodies that the body has created during the fight against the disease. This plasma is used to treat patients with Covid 19 because it binds to the virus in the patient's body, reduces its action, and thus reduces the progression of the disease.